Chapter 10 - Picnic

  1. 葛利馬
  2. 野餐
  3. 511的亡靈
  4. 新的實驗
  5. 鑰匙
  6. 超人蘇坦納的冒險
  7. 舒克刑警
  8. 極密調查
  9. 重要的東西


Schuwald said, "Johan's mother is alive in Plague." And what is meant by the enigmaticpharase "three frogs" written in the note from the German tycoon!?

Now, Grimmer, in the attempt to unveil the real story behind Kinderheim 511, gets involved in a case of bizarre serial murder. Who is the murderer!? Who is the beautiful woman Grimmer saw at the scene of murder!? The soty will never stop freezing you blood!!

Tenma tries to smuggle himself into Czech to look for Johan's mother. He is spotted as an illegal entrant by the border guard police, but has a nareow escape with the help of Grimmer who is a freelance journalist.

The two men part without asking each other what brought them to Czech.

In actual fact, Grimmer is also deeply interested in Kinderheim 511 which once existed in East Germany.

Now, the scene of this sotry is in Prague!