Chapter 12 - The Rose Mansion

  1. 長徦
  2. 少年偵探團
  3. 最殘酷的事
  4. 邊境之街
  5. 玫瑰宅邸
  6. 封閉之門
  7. 長久的別離
  8. 尋找海倫卡
  9. 被留下的人們


The Orphanage director Is it the secret police believed to have broken up or Johan himself!? The sotry will take you deep into a labyrinth of conjecture!!

And old apartment house in downtown Plague with a signboard of 3 frogs...A woman lived there with twin kids some ten years ago. Tenma learns that from neighbors.

They also tell him about the Czechoslovakian secret police and questionable fire. Could the twins be Johan and Anna??

Meanwhile, suk, a young detective of the Plague Police, gets attracted to a beautiful girl he met in a bar. Her name is Anna!

When Tenma and suk ,meet, another terror creeps up on them!!