Chapter 16 - Welcome Back

  1. 怪物的情書
  2. 逃獄犯
  3. 律師
  4. 目擊者
  5. 決心
  6. 沾滿泥沙的三明治
  7. 海倫娜與古斯塔夫
  8. 逃脫
  9. 402Ú房


After being arrested in Prague, Tenma was deported to Dusseldorf. One of the lawyers of Tenma for the trial was Robert who is an ardent admirer of Johan!!

He implies his intention to kill Eva. To protect Eva, Tenma determines to escape and starts to falsely admit to the accusation...

"The one who destroyed my life is Tenma...!!" Eva bares an unfathomable hatred to Tenma. But she was the only person who could testify as a witness to prove Tenma's innocence.

Eva who stubbornly denies to testify later decides to help Tenma after indulging in her reminiscence. With three reports of gunfire, Johan was whom Eva saw!!

Meanwhile, the "evil hand" of Robert who intends to kill Eva was steadily inching up to Eva...