Chapter 8 - My Nameless Hero

  1. 舉證可能
  2. 舞會之後
  3. 聖域
  4. 孩子們的情景
  5. 人類的財產
  6. 黑暗的盡頭
  7. 走到陽光下
  8. 我是天馬
  9. 無名英雄



Tenma has been keeping a close watch on Johan's movements, carrying a high-performance rifle with him.

One day, he know that Johan will be at a ceremony of presentation of Shuwald's collection of books to be held in the library of Munich University. Tenma decides to shipe at Johan in the library, just in the middle of the ceremony.

Knowing that Tenma is planning to take his life, Johan has still been leading a quiet life as usual. However, when he happens to open a pictures book in the university library, he suddenly bursts into tears and loses his senses.

What on earth is in the pictures book written in Czech!?