Chapter 9 - A Nameless Monster

  1. 更可怕的怪物
  2. 混沌的怪物
  3. 沒有名字的怪物
  4. 螞蟻的饗宴
  5. 我眼裡的惡魔
  6. 母親的來信
  7. 心的痕跡
  8. 眼中的地獄
  9. 童話王國的青蛙



" 很久很久以前﹐在某一個地方﹐有只沒有名的怪物。怪物非常非常想要一個名字。所以牠就踏上旅途﹐去尋找名字。"


Tenma, all set to assassinate Johan, is lying in wait for him in the universiry library. What will Johan think when he knows Tenma's high-performance rifle is aimed at him?

Finally, will Tenma be releases from his long fugitive life? This story is rushing to a climax!!

"Once upon a time, there lived a nameless monster. He was dying to hava a name. So, he made up his mind to set out on a journey to look for a name."

Why did the strange Czech children's story upset Johan like that? Can we possibly find in the book any clue to the mistery of his birth?

A mistery begets another mystery!!